Eleni Debo

Eleni Debo Shoplifter Side
Eleni Debo Shoplifter Inside 04
Eleni Debo Gestalten Olfactive
Eleni Debo Gestalten Nomadic
Eleni Debo Gestalten Service
Eleni Debo Gestalten Multifunctional
Eleni Debo Gestalten Future2
Eleni Debo Gestalten Cover


Considering my love for drawing light and space, and only ever so often an opportunity to do so for a project, you can imagine my enthusiasm when German publisher Gestalten approached me to work on their newest book Shoplifter! about the latest innovations in brand architecture and the golden age of retail design. 

I was to draw conceptual illustrations to accompany a series of case studies exploring the changing landscape of retail design and the future of physical retail. It was my challenge to find a way to combine expressing a series of complex concepts visually, while also showcasing interesting architecture and retail design. This resulted in a series of illustrations accompanying articles about topics such as olfactive branding, brand utility, experience shopping, nomadic retail and the future of physical retail. I also got the illustrate the cover of the book, which was really just loads of fun to do.